How Important Quiet Spaces Are In The Workplace

How Important Quiet Spaces Are In The Workplace

It goes without saying that employees are less productive in a distracting environment. An office full of external conversations, visitors, and other concentration disruptions isn’t conducive to efficiency. Furthermore, distractions turning up in frequent situations increases stress. That stress contributes to employee burnout, slower production and decreased quality of output.

The desire to work in a quiet, relaxed environment is a factor in employees choosing to remain working remotely when possible. As a result, however, the increase in remote employees decreases the level of collaboration, which is sometimes necessary for production.

Bringing Quiet Spaces To The Office

Our partners at Haworth® are always on the cutting edge of office design solutions. Their new “HushHybrid” office pods offer a solution to the need for quiet spaces. Put simply, the HushHybrid is a separate, small enclosed space that employees can use for a quiet space to work.

HushHybrid Pod 2The HushHybrid includes a built-in table, soft seating and LED lighting. It features a freestanding design, with integrated casters that make it easy to move to any office location. The enclosed pods are effectively ventilated, contain standard power outlets and ports, and include a thermally fused laminate work surface.

With the HushHybrid, an employee can retreat to a quieter space and focus on individual work without noise and other distractions. It’s easy to use the pod for a phone call or quick solo project. At the same time, your employees can still gather and take advantage of collaborative spaces in the workplace, including with larger pods for closed-door type meetings. Finally, the HushHybrid can offer a space where an employee can take a few minutes to simply de-stress in a quiet area.

A More Efficient + Less Distracting Workplace

With increasing options to encourage employees to return to the workplace, Bellia and Haworth® are helping you to maximize your employee productivity and wellness. Our solutions can turn your work spaces into effective and less stressful places for employees to be. The HushHybrid makes it possible for a remote employee who is simply looking for fewer distractions to return to the workplace.

You can find out more about the HushHybrid office pods here on the Haworth® website. If you’re interested in adding a modern touch to improve your workspace, reach out to the professionals at Bellia for a free work and space evaluation today! We turn your offices into more efficient and productive spaces that provide a real return on your investment. We’re looking forward to helping you love the space you’re in!

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