Bellia Interiors of South Jersey offers office furniture and interior workspace design for organizations in South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area. For almost 50 years, it’s been our mission to deliver workspaces that you and your staff will be proud of, and that will increase workplace satisfaction, productivity, and ultimately your success. We get to know our clients to the point that we become family, so welcome to ours! 

Bellia Interiors Group is proud to represent Haworth for over 30 years

What We Do

Work and fun do not have to be separate entities, and we aim to bring that idea to your office. We incorporate your corporate goals into a workplace design that will best suit your company. We’re about functionality, productivity, and team satisfaction. We manage each project right down to the nitty-gritty details, leaving you with nothing to worry about. We pride ourselves in being “design geeks”, and will take your vision to the next level. We’ll even follow up once the project is complete to be sure your space is meeting ALL of your needs. We’re here to make sure you succeed! 

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How to Support A Work From Home Model

How to Support A Work From Home Model

As we all know by now, recent world events have caused a great increase in employees working remotely, often on a full-time basis. The situation has reached a point where the ability to work from home is a key component of a job offer. With the office situation everywhere changing... Read more

Designing Spaces for Higher Education

Designing Spaces for Higher Education

Designing spaces for higher education in 2021 is a very different animal than it was not very long ago. The competition for top academic talent in universities is much greater, and students are going to be looking for a variety of advantages and comforts involved in attending an institution. As... Read more

Multi-Purpose Rooms Are Coming Back

Multi-Purpose Rooms Are Coming Back

With many workplaces offering remote and work from home environments, there is still often a need for additional space for collaboration, meeting and gathering. While employees are still working remotely and not physically attending meetings as much as in the past, multi-purpose rooms are coming back in the form of... Read more

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    Navigating Social Distancing while managing an organization, has presented employers with an onset of new hurdles to conquer. This is why we've created a Resource Center on our website that houses our Back to Workplace Initiative to provide you with resources, tips, and products that you can use while navigating these challenging times. 


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