This is about building a relationship, not a transaction.
Getting to know you

We realize you expect this process to be painful. We believe less is more..

  • Less boring, more fun
  • Less generic, more creative
  • Less division, more collaboration
  • Less mundane, more DESIGN

This is about getting to know you, understanding your business, not about flipping through catalogs.


Collaborative Design

Let us help you shake off the boring. Why do it the same way its been done for years? Our team will show you that beautiful spaces can be created to fit any budget. Yes we geek out of furniture. Can you blame us? Our hope is that a little bit of our design energy rubs off onto you and together we can create a space that energizes your people.

This the fun part of what to do.
Project Kick-Off

Collaborative Problem Solving

Let’s face it, with complex projects like designing a new space, challenges will arise. Our preferred approach to starting any project is to gather with all of your stakeholders, both internal and external, to get shared buy-in and establish project goals.  We see ourselves as members of your team. If problems arise, we can fix them together.

Pain Free Contracting

No more 40-page contracts to print, sign, and scan. We have worked hard, with key input from customers like you, to streamline the contracting process from start to finish. Our team will ensure you know exactly what you are signing and can explain it to your stakeholders.

Welcome to the family.


We won't ghost you.

Continual Insight into Your Project’s Status

Our goal is to provide you with on-time accurate information regarding ship dates and project completion timelines.

Expert Guidance

Our team is trained to ask the questions to work with your team in understanding the challenges that you may face such as hold two dimensions, number of circuit in a building, data and technology requirements, base feed locations, site conditions..etc.

It's All About The Details
We Deliver.

Elite Local Installation Team

We have certified local installation teams throughout the US. We don’t shortchange the end process with low-cost teams who don’t care for you or your new space. Rather, we leverage the best -in- class local certified installers who are trained in the products that we represent.



  • We have 45+ years of experience
  • We become part of your team
  • We are a cool group to work with
  • We stay around even when the project is done
  • We treat our customers like family
  • To us, work and fun is a blurred line
  • We support the local community
  • We are a 3rd generation family company
  • We despise cookie-cutter design
  • We love what we do and it shows

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