The Impact of Noise in Your Workplace – And What You Can Do About It

The Impact of Noise in Your Workplace

Whether your employees work in an office, warehouse, store or other environment, being able to focus requires a sufficient amount of quiet. It’s not just people talking that can be a distraction. Office employees especially are subjected to the sound of HVAC systems, printers, ringtones, text alerts…you get it. Soon background noise simply becomes an accepted distraction.

This article from our friends at Haworth® details the results of several workplace studies. You might be surprised to learn how much office noise contributes to employee dissatisfaction. Part of the problem, in fact, is office acoustics. If an office space design doesn’t reduce the volume of noise, it can negatively impact your employees and your productivity. Not to mention, it can actually impact your employees’ cardiovascular and mental health.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can improve your office space to manage noise and improve your employees’ well-being…and your productivity. The researchers at Haworth® have recently listed the “ABCDs” of acoustical design in an office space:

Absorb sounds – Use absorptive ceilings and install carpet over the floors.

Block sounds between spaces – Use de-mountable wall systems or suspended ceiling tiles strategically to prevent sound traveling.

Cover intruding sounds – Try adding a background sound, such as an electronic masking system.

Diffuse sound energy – Use sound-dispersing elements to spread sound energy across spaces.

In addition to improving the acoustics to reduce noise, companies are finding new ways to enable employees to focus without distractions.

Advances In Noise Prevention

HushHybrid Pod 2Bellia Interiors Group is currently designing and remaking office spaces throughout the Philadelphia and South Jersey region. One of our popular new methods for noise reduction is the use of office pods, where employees can sit in a silent space and quietly focus without any outside distractions.

The HushHybrid is an example of a pod for employees to find a quiet space where they can conduct a private conversation, attend a virtual meeting, or simply focus on the tasks at hand without the distractions of noise. It’s an innovative way offices can enable their employees to escape the typical distractions, and be more productive and efficient.

We also design workspaces for acoustical design in a variety of ways, including wall and ceiling acoustic panels, acoustical lighting, and sound masking. You can read more about some of those methods here.

Do You Need A Less Distracting Office?

If you own or operate an office in the Philadelphia or South Jersey region, and are looking to reduce office noise and improve productivity, reach out to the professionals at Bellia Interiors Group. We can redesign your office for maximum comfort, appearance and productivity…and provide you with real return on your investment. Click here to request your free work and space evaluation today!

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