3 Solutions to Office Noise

3 Solutions to Office Noise Frasch 1

A common concern in the workplace…excessive noise. People chatting (and sometimes shouting), loud equipment being used, phones ringing, and other aural distractions can affect productivity. If you are not sure which acoustic solution is right for you, below are some answers to when and where acoustic panels are necessary, and the problems they can solve.

Acoustic Office Noise Solutions You Can Implement Now

In the office improvement space, there are ways to create a more relaxing environment and reduce noise levels…aside from creating dedicated spaces for meetings, phone conversations, etc. Here are a few solutions:

When and where acoustic panels are necessaryWall and Ceiling Acoustic Panels – Acoustic panels in walls and ceilings are made from sound-absorbing materials like fiberglass or foam, which works by turning sound waves into heat and dissipating the energy. Hard surfaces in a room reflect sound energy (think of the sound volume level in a room with or without carpeting), while acoustic wall and ceiling panels reduce it. The result is a more comfortable space where noise levels are kept down.

Acoustic panels can be designed to certain specifications, and an acoustical engineer can help to determine the acoustic needs of a room based on its size, shape and sources of sound.

Acoustical Lights – Acoustical lights are actually acoustic ceiling panels with lighting fixtures integrated within them. They are made of sound-absorbing materials, and they can be covered in a decorative fabric to match the office décor. 

3 Solutions to Office Noise Acoustical Lights FraschThe acoustical light panels absorb the sound waves in the room, rather than reflecting and echoing them. The result is a more comfortable and quieter office environment. In addition, combining lighting and acoustic panels into one product helps to keep office improvement costs down.

Sound Masking – Sound masking is the process of installing sound emitting devices strategically within an office space. These devices broadcast a low volume white noise that masks other sounds in the area. With sound masking, a company can fill an office with multiple types of white noise, such as waves, waterfalls, or even sound just like the heat/air are running, etc. for a more relaxing, private and peaceful office environment.

In addition to installing acoustic panels or sound masking equipment, offices can take other steps to help reduce the noise level in the space. Companies can create smaller spaces with reduced lighting to encourage low-volume activities, and they can take advantage of private offices that aren’t frequently used for smaller and quieter spaces as needed.

That’s just a small sampling of how acoustic panels can help be a solution to noise distractions in an office space and when and where their installation offers a solution. If your team is complaining about the increased noise level in the office these days, reach out to Bellia and ask us about noise reduction solutions! We are your dedicated office design team in Philadelphia and South Jersey, and we can help you love the space you’re in!

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