Can Your Employees Focus Like They Need To?

Can Your Employees Focus Like They Need To 2

There have been remarkable innovations in office design in recent years, especially as the pandemic created a need more hybrid-oriented positions. That said, there are still challenges to overcome. Most companies require a level of collaboration among employees, and they create specific spaces for doing so. In other cases, a certain amount of interaction is […]

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Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Are Important

Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Are Important 2

If you operate an office full of employees who are sitting most of the time, it’s probably crossed your mind why ergonomic office chairs are important. What you may not be aware of is that there is a real science to sitting over long periods of time and how it affects employee performance and morale. […]

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Haworth – Very

Invalid Displayed Gallery Download PDF Very Task Information A more sustainable, multi-dimensional seating family born out of global design and science-led comfort, Very’s profile includes a broad application range, fantastic scope of color, essential ergonomics, and comfort – All at a sensible price. This award-winning family is sure to inject life into any space. The […]

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Haworth – LOOK

Invalid Displayed Gallery Download PDF LOOK Task Information In business today, it’s about the LOOK. Projecting the right image for your people, your space, your company. LOOK Side Invalid Displayed Gallery LOOK Side Information With endless aesthetic and performance options, LOOK Side Chair works seamlessly with any interior space.

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Haworth – X99

Invalid Displayed Gallery Download PDF X99 Task Information X99 was designed and engineered for one body type. Yours. The exhilarating ride is highly responsive to all body movements, and every personal adjustment has been precisely engineered. X99 Side Invalid Displayed Gallery X99 Side Information Put your guests at ease without speaking a word. The X99 […]

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Haworth – Lively

Invalid Displayed Gallery Download PDF Lively Task Information Lively possesses the perfect blend of comfort enhancing ergonomic features, performance-tuned quality, and contemporary design. It’s affordable without compromise, and it thrives in the thick of the action. Lively brings advanced features and a light-scale aesthetic to the people responsible for getting work done at the office […]

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Haworth – Improv

Invalid Displayed Gallery Download PDF Improv Desk Chair Information From private offices to conference rooms, you’ll have all the ergonomic agility you should expect from a task chair, while maintaining your sense of style. Comfort is a function of smart design, and smart design comes from understanding individual needs. Improv adapts to unique body types […]

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Haworth – Zody

Invalid Displayed Gallery Zody Task Information The product of extensive research and development, only Zody offers asymmetrical lumbar adjustments, providing user-selected support on each side of the lower back. Zody Side Invalid Displayed Gallery Zody Side Information Designed with European influences to complement the Zody Task Chair, Zody Side Chair can stand on its own […]

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