The Appearance of Your Lobby – And Why It Matters

The Appearance of Your Lobby – And Why It Matters

Most business and office space owners don’t need to be told that the condition of their lobby is important. The lobby is your first impression, on customers, prospects, and potential future employees. It’s where you welcome everyone who visits your business. As you know of course, your first impression matters, and it immediately sets the tone for any visitor’s view of your company.

You may make steps to keep your lobby clean, decorated with pictures, and furnished with updated tables and chairs. But have you thought about how you can improve that all-important first impression your lobby makes?

A recent article from our friends at Haworth® (see the link below) offers multiple suggestions to help make your lobby a more inviting place. These steps can help create an aura of professionalism and success around your company and brand:

Ways To Improve Your Lobby + Its Impact

1) Use calming colors. A plain white wall may avoid creating any kind of mood, but you can improve on that. When you use more colors, it gives life to the room, and using natural colors like sea blue or sand beige can give your visitors a similar feeling of calm. If you already prominently feature a brighter, hot color like red, you can try adding hues for a more natural look.

2) Professional cleaning. If you make sure to dust, vacuum, polish and straighten out your lobby on a consistent basis, you give your visitors a look that says your company is on top of everything. Regular carpet shampooing, spot cleaning and of course, consistent garbage disposal also ensures that you’re looking after the health of your employees and customers.

3) New paint. Painting a room with a fresh coat of a calming color is inexpensive, and can make a world of difference in your lobby’s atmosphere. It’s an easy way to add a new look to your lobby space.

The Appearance of Your Lobby – And Why It Matters4) Sustainability. The world is moving towards more sustainability wherever possible, and you can show that you embrace that. Try adding eco-friendly furniture and other elements, made with recyclable materials.

5) Use the outdoors! While people have mostly returned to the workplace, they are openly embracing being outdoors as much as possible. Many companies are responding to this by creating outdoor spaces where employees can gather when weather permits. You can give your lobby a more outdoors type of feel, with plants and water features, and give off a healthy, relaxing vibe.

6) Give the lobby additional purpose. If your lobby is spacious enough, why not have it double as a break room or meeting area for employees? Adding a coffee bar and other amenities will not only make visitors feel more welcome. In addition, it can help you turn the lobby into a meeting area as well, and maximize your space.

Want To Find Out More?

As you can see, your lobby offers multiple opportunities to enhance your company’s brand, image and impression. Why not see how you can improve it?

If you’d like more ideas for your lobby, reach out to the professionals at Bellia Interiors Group! We can help create a whole new, more inviting and efficient space for your office. What’s more, our office improvement offers a true return on your investment.

Click here for a free work and space evaluation, and let us help you love the space you’re in!


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