Re-Doing…And Refreshing…Your Educational Space

Re-Doing…And Refreshing…Your Educational Space

Spring is here, and for many it’s a time of cleaning out junk and redoing the interior of their home or office. Do you represent an educational institution? Do you feel it’s time to remake your classrooms and faculty areas, as warmer weather arrives and in and out activity becomes easier?

With spring being a time of renewal, it’s a great opportunity to rearrange and refresh your classrooms, faculty rooms and collaborative spaces to meet the world of the future.

Education Renewal Trends and Meeting Future Needs

In this article from the KI website, the author discusses learning institutions, and the challenges they face today. Among them are student stress, disengagement, and how to prepare young people for a technology driven world. The article points out the movement towards creating more spaces to avoid stress, as well as increasing emphasis on group spaces that encourage collaboration and interaction. You might be surprised at the focus on creating e-sports arenas in many educational facilities!

Furthermore, studies are showing the benefits of adding playful activities into learning. This article from Corbett Inc. points out the numerous benefits of using play as a learning tool. As one example, teachers can use play situations to encourage problem-solving, teamwork, and awareness. In addition, there’s always opportunities to use “fun” situations to teach children mathematics, science and literacy. You can design…or redesign…your educational environment accordingly.

Re-Doing…And Refreshing…Your Educational SpaceFinally, there’s the matter of classroom design…which undoubtedly matters, as you know. This article from KI lists multiple steps to encourage designing classrooms that foster optimal learning environments. Among them are ergonomically-optimized chairs and desks, adding furniture that can be rearranged for different activities, and even involving students with certain aspects of the design.

Ultimately, when spring cleaning time comes along…or when it’s time to update your learning facility for the future…it’s a great time to make changes that will truly enhance the experience. Most of all, keeping on top of trends can help improve your reputation…and your bottom line.

What’s Your Education Space Renewal Plan?

If you’re looking to revitalize your educational space…even if it means just dumping old furniture…why not see how you can improve it for your students and faculty? Find out more about collaborative spaces, anti-stress spaces, play spaces and more, to optimize your productivity and bottom line.

Reach out to the professionals at Bellia Interiors Group today, and request a free work and space evaluation. Let us help you reach the full potential of your office environment, and help you love the space you’re in!


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