Employee Energy – And How You Can Improve It

Employee Energy – And How You Can Improve It

While it’s probably not the easiest thing to quantify with numbers, it’s doubtful that any employer would question that a workplace environment affects employees’ energy level. For example, a workplace with stained carpets or overflowing garbage will negatively affect employee morale.

Have you considered the arrangement of your offices and how you can improve it to increase your employees’ enthusiasm level? In an article from the Haworth® site (see link below), they cite a recent renovation conducted by one of their partners, and what everyone learned from the experience.

Specifically, they cited six ways to improve your employees’ energy level through office design.

First, get rid of those tall cubicle walls! When employees can see one another, it makes it easier to collaborate, ask questions, and share ideas. It also helps employees see that everyone in the group is focused on a unified goal. Removing the high walls also allows more light into the workspace, for a better feeling of overall well-being.

Second, create some spaces for employees to gather. You’ve likely heard the phrase “water cooler discussion”, where people gather at the water cooler to talk about current events or sports. Try making that water cooler area a space for employees to gather, foster relationships, and recharge.

But third, make sure employees can have privacy too. At some point, team members will need to think and find solutions, in a quiet environment. Ideally, there should be a location where workers can go to avoid distractions as much as possible.

Fourth, ensure that your office environment supports employee health. Maybe make water and healthy snacks available in some areas. Add adjustable desks so workers can stand if they need to. Can you make a walking space available? Being able to escape for a walk in a pleasant space can be a great boost for employee morale.

Fifth, emphasize your company’s brand! Let your employees know that their work matters. Use active patterns, warm colors, and reflect your culture throughout the workplace.

Employee Energy – And How You Can Improve ItFinally, but most importantly, consult with your team. Ask them what they need…and listen to what they say. When people are in the trenches every day, they know what they need to be effective. They’ll point out problems, offer ideas, and help you design an office that supports the project life cycle. Most of all, your employees will feel like you’re committed to them…and people respond to that.

These are just a few ways that your company’s office design can make a difference in your workforce’s energy level. But it’s more of an individual taste for each company too, and it’s best to find out what can work for you.

If you’d like to find out more about what an innovative office design can do for your workplace, click here to request a free office evaluation from Bellia Office Design. We’ll be happy to meet with you, show you what is possible, and help you love the space you’re in!


Source: https://www.haworth.com/na/en/spark/articles/2019/6-design-tips-to-keep-employees-energized.html

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