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Never Underestimate The Influence Of CAR DEALERSHIP DESIGN

The most successful car dealerships are ones that feature an interior that complements the automobiles that they are selling.  Here...
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Trending for 2018. What’s new in office design?

As businesses head into 2018, the office space continues to transform.  The conventional office space is slowly disappearing as companies...
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Office design to support productivity

The way your office space is designed can have a dramatic impact on employee productivity.  Studies indicate that the most...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional to Help You Choose New Office Furniture

When you are thinking about choosing new office furniture, you might consider just Googling office furniture, and going with a...
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Meet The Team: Emma Scott

Please join us in welcoming Emma Scott to Bellia’s interior design team.  A recent graduate of Kean University, Emma is...
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The Benefits of Natural Light Exposure

Recently, a study at the University of Oregon concluded that employees with better daylight exposure and views of nature took...
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Tips For Creating an Empowered Office

Recent studies point to the fact that the most successful office spaces are empowered ones.  In 2010, psychologists in the...
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3 reasons not to order office furniture from Ikea

Just about everyone has been to IKEA.  The cool, modern furniture with cheap prices makes it hard to resist.  If...
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Update Your Space in 2017 & Save BIG!

As a business owner, you are undoubtedly reviewing capital investment options in order to reduce your company’s tax burden by...
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New Jersey Family Business of the Year

Congratulations to Bellia Enterprises for being honored at the 2017 New Jersey Family Business of the Year Awards. Each year,...
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44 Years In Business

Join us in celebrating the 44th anniversary of our business.  A legacy forged by Salvatore and Nancy Bellia in 1973,...
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All About Break Out Spaces

What is a break out space? A break out space is any space in your office that is open to...
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Tips for choosing the best furniture for your office

Because the average employee will spend over 1500 hours every year in their workspace, choosing office furniture is an important...
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Choosing Furniture For A Classroom

As the nature of 21st century continues to evolve and change, schools have begun to move away from the traditional...
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Office Design to Help Grow Your Business

In a year, employees are likely to spend more than 1,500 hours in their workspace, so it is important to...
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Is it time to renovate your workspace?

Your office space is filled with potential to drive your business’ success. If you feel like your workspace could work...
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Improve business with a well designed space

Studies have shown that a well-designed workspace is a simple, cost-effective way to improve your business. By bettering the design...
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Supporting Work-life Balance through Office Design

Work-life balance involves finding ways to prioritize work and lifestyle. It is important for people to strike the right balance...
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