Tips for Choosing The Best Office Chair

Want the Best Office Chair for your workstation? Many office workers spend the greater part of their days sitting at a desk.  Numerous studies have shown that sitting all day long can have negative impacts on the health and well-being of your employees.  By choosing a chair with well-designed ergonomics, that provide proper support while sitting can offset many of the detrimental effects of being in that chair for 8 hours a day.  Not to mention, when you use a well-designed ergonomic office chair there, are added benefits including increased productivity and engagement, and decreased instances of back pain, neck tension and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here are some things to consider to help you choose a well-designed office chair:

Lumbar Support.   Lumbar support are features on the chair that will help position your lower back.  It is is important because the muscles in your lower back are doing most of the heavy lifting when you are sitting.  A chair that has proper lumbar support will adjust with the curvature of your spine and take the pressure off of it. The chair you choose should have adjustable lumbar support resulting in better posture and less back strain.  

Best Office Chair

Adjustable Arms and Height.  These two features are important because humans come in all different shapes and sizes and a one size fits all approach with office chairs won’t always work for every person.  When the arms and height can be adjusted, it will allow for employees feet to sit flat on the floor and their arms to rest comfortably on the chair.

Comfortable Material. It is important that your office chair be made of high quality, comfortable material that provides cushioning.  Because your employees will be seated for extended periods of time, the material should also be breathable.

If you need help choosing the ideal office chair, our experts at Bellia can help.  To get you started, here are office chairs that will meet all of your employees needs.   

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