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The Corporate Campus: The Future of Workplace Design

In the past, the idea of a corporate campus brought to mind a series of various buildings that were disconnected. But as the idea of “campus” continues to evolve, companies are realizing that by having everything that your employees want and need “under one roof,” it will maximize productivity, support collaboration, drive innovation and reinforce corporate culture.  

Organizations are now interested in making their employees feel valued and a corporate campus can do that.  By offering employees different amenities on campus, it will inspire them to do their best work for the company and give them a sense of belonging and community that will make them more committed and loyal to your organization.

Here are just a few benefits of the corporate campus:

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has become a priority in most organizations, no matter where your campus is located (i.e., urban, sprawling suburban, etc.).  One way that employers are contributing to a positive work-life balance is by making sure that employees have high quality food from which to choose.  Many campuses include restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Additionally, employees are also provided with a place to workout, with yoga classes, personal trainers and wellness centers in order to stay healthy. Finally, many corporate campuses contain a child care center right on-site. Not only do these amenities contribute to a better work-life balance and positively benefit employee wellness, they also create places for social interaction and a chance to create connections and build community.

Innovation and Collaboration

Recently, employees have desired to have a more flexible work schedule, which includes working remotely.  Studies have shown that too much remote work negatively impacts innovation and collaboration. So by providing employees with a desirable place to come to work featuring tons of amenities like on-site laundry services, restaurants and retail shops, employees will be less likely to want to stay at home to get their work done.  The more face-to-face interaction that your employees have, whether the interactions are formal (in a conference room) or impromptu (when you are working out at the gym with a co-worker), will encourage and support innovation and collaboration.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

When recruiting top talent,  one of the most important factors for the new workforce has become the community and culture created in the organization.  When new recruits are deciding to take a job, aside from the pay and advancement opportunities, the workspace, people and property amenities are among a company’s best assets.  

Lower Operating Costs

In a Gensler study, they found that only 40-43% of a company’s workstations are occupied at any given time. While corporate campuses were once designed to create more space, the focus is now on the optimal and efficient use of space. By planning and assessing space usage, companies will increase their bottom line.

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