4 tips to keep in mind when relocating your office

If you are planning on relocating your office, here are four tips that will help your move go smoothly.

Plan Early and Well in Advance

The planning stage should start 4-6 months before the moving the date.  Moving a corporate office can be stressful and overwhelming, so giving yourself plenty of time will allow you to scope out the new space.  You will need to decide on the layout, office furniture needs and your moving schedule. 

Order New Equipment

When it comes to a relocation, it is important to do everything well in advance and that includes ordering new office furniture and equipment. It is best to have your furniture and equipment shipped directly to the new location in order to save on costs.  If you have it shipped too early, you will pay to have it shipped to your location and then you will need to pay the movers to move it to the new location. Work with your suppliers to coordinate the logistics.

Update Your Address

A smaller detail, but a very important one, is to make sure that your address is updated everywhere.  Your clients need to know when and where you are moving, so it is paramount that you update your website, all social media, business cards, letterhead and all other publicity materials.  You should contact Google to have your online listing and address changed at least a month ahead of time. Furthermore, you need to contact all vendors and suppliers to ensure that deliveries go to the right location.

Schedule Meetings Around the Move

To make the move less stressful, sometimes it is best for you and the staff to take a few days around the move, where there are no client meetings or major deadlines to complete. Because there will be a great deal to unpack and get organized, if there are meetings and deadlines to complete just trying to find presentable place in your office to get things done is one less thing you need to worry about.

When you are planning to relocate, there are a lot of details to remember to make your move a successful one.  If you are thinking about relocating, contact us to help you furnish your new space.

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