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All in the Family

South Jersey family businesses are thriving thanks to inherited values and traditions. When Anthony Bellia Jr. was young, he was already thinking about running the family business. “I would sit at my father’s desk and tell him that I was going to take over the company,” says Bellia, the third-generation president of Bellia Office Furniture in Woodbury.
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Relationship Advice

When it comes to perks for loyal customers, local companies have moved way beyond free pens and fruit baskets at the holidays. Today, outstanding customer service means building relationships on both personal and professional levels, while offering benefits others don’t.
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Sal Bellia: His life’s all about his family

At the outset of World War II, Sal Bellia went to a recruiter's office and inadvertently got in line with others who wanted to join the Navy. "But he always got seasick," says his son, Tom Bellia, "so he stepped to the next line to join the Army. The Army assigned him to the communications corps and taught him how to run a printing press. He traveled around Europe, printing maps for the infantry." And that's the round about-way one of Gloucester County's business leaders became patriarch of Bellia & Sons, the quintessential family business.
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Great People, Make a Great Company

Read our article featured in the September 2004 issue of Home & Towne.
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