The #1 Way to Increase Employee Collaboration

When you look to design blogs to offer ideas about ways that you can increase collaboration, they discuss effective ways that you can do that within your space. When you think of collaboration, oftentimes it is happening in a conference room, or in a breakout space or somewhere inside the building.  But according to Haworth, who are always on top of the trends, it’s time for companies to think outside of the box to get your employee’s in collaboration mode–by sending them outside!

According to Harvard physician Eva M. Selhub, co-author of Your Brain on Nature, when you spend time outdoors, it turns off the stress responses in your brain and switches on the neurons that allow higher brain centers to be accessed.  This increases concentration, improves memory and makes people more creative and productive. All of these benefits come from just getting outside during the course of the work day.  Also, by being outside, it reduces mental fatigue and will naturally energize your staff.

So if your space will allow for it, think about creating some areas that provide your employees a place to get outside when the weather is nice and get those creative, innovation making ideas flowing. By having small comfortable seating areas or cafe tables for collaborative meetings, your business will benefit tremendously and frankly, so will your employees.  Just being outside reduces stress levels and makes people feel happier. 

Neuroscientists find that when we go outside and sit or walk in nature, the front of our brains begin to quiet down and the back of our brains start firing with “flashes of insight” and ideas.  So, many companies who can’t create a dedicated space outside for their employees to work, encourage their employees to have walking meetings. This not only promotes wellness amongst your staff, but is a great way to utilize the benefits that come with being outside.

Do you think you have an outdoor space that is ready to be turned into collaboration area?  Let Bellia help. We have extensive experience in the design industry that will transform the way you work and help you reach your business goals!  Contact us today to set up a time that we can evaluate your space.


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