Ergonomically Designed Furniture for the Classroom

The importance of Ergonomically Designed Furniture for the Classroom. In a recent study in the  International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics, they found that low desks and undersized school chairs are contributing to chronic back pain in adolescents. Over the past few years, the school furniture market has witnessed steady growth which has been caused by a number of factors.

Classrooms are no longer static physical spaces, but engaging and versatile learning environments for students. For many decades, low-cost and durability were the most important factors in school furniture. Now, comfort and ergonomics have become the priority.  Schools and universities are paying closer attention to the type of furniture they select because not only will the right furniture benefit the physical health of students, but it will help them work to their full potential while improving concentration levels.

Furniture for the Classroom: Benefits of “Good Ergonomics?”

Selecting classroom furniture with proper ergonomic design simply means that the furniture in classrooms is designed to fit students. In the past, students were forced to sit in uncomfortable, ill-fitting chairs and desks that were improperly sized. Now there is a great deal of furniture on the market that encourages open body angles, lumbar support and is flexible and adjustable.  There are many health benefits when the furniture you select has good ergonomics including improvement in circulation and respiration. Further when healthier seating is provided, it improves student comfort. The more comfortable students are, the more learning they will do.

Things to Consider When Selecting Furniture for the Classroom

There are many furniture manufacturers available that sell very good, ergonomically designed classroom furniture. One way to select the best furniture is to seek out a professional company that is experienced in classroom design and ergonomic furniture to guide you in the selection process.  They will have much more knowledge of the types and brands of furniture that will best suit your classroom needs.

Also, just because a chair has a soft back and a curvy shape doesn’t necessarily mean it is comfortable.  The best way to know whether or not a chair is comfortable is to sit in it. Remember, your students will be seated for long periods of time, so it is important to select your chairs with that in mind.  

Additionally, safety and durability are important along with proper ergonomic design.  The furniture you select should pass all applicable ANSI/BIFMA tests for strength, durability and stability, along with GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality.

If you are ready to select ergonomically designed furniture for your school, let Bellia help you. We are an office furniture dealer with over 40 years of experience, so we will fit your classroom with the ideal furniture that will improve the health of your students and staff and help you create an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

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