Make a first impression

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so when people walk into your lobby/reception area, your clients, employees, potential employees and guests will immediately notice its appearance. The design of your office should embody the personality, vision and culture of your company.

If you are considering making an upgrade to your office design, the lobby/reception area is a great place to start. Here are two reasons why:

It Creates the First Impression of Your Company

When any potential or existing clients or employees walk into your office, the reception/lobby area is the space that will communicate who you are as a company. Guests are often left alone in this space for a few minutes, without a person to talk to, so naturally they will begin to notice the design, layout, decor, the furniture and the flow of the room.  Immediately, they will begin to take notice to your company’s aesthetic and culture.

If your reception space is thoughtfully designed to include your branded message, company values and an overall reflection of your company’s personality, it will set an important tone about the expectations this potential client/employee has from your company.

It Creates a Positive Office Environment

Recruitment and Retention of current employees is often a struggle for many companies, especially in an increasingly competitive job market. When your current employees or potential ones walk into a brightly lit, strategically designed space that has a clear brand message, beautiful artwork and the right furniture, you are creating a clear reminder to your current staff and potential staff that you care, not only about your company, but about your employees as well.  

Bellia has had extensive experience designing and upgrading reception spaces. Here are a few of the reception spaces that we have designed.

Thermo Fisher Scientific–In order to accommodate Thermo Scientific’s rapid growth. Bellia renovated their existing space including creating a bright and open reception area with a sleek, modern reception desk to welcome guests to the firm.







Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau–The nature of Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau is to welcome everyone to Philadelphia.  Bellia renovated and redesigned PHLCVB’s entire space to create a modern space with a flexible work environment.


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