3 Design Features Your Office Needs

The design and furniture that create your workspace play an important role in productivity, employee morale, recruitment and retention and innovation. As new college graduates enter the workforce, you want your space to feel welcoming and create a culture that fosters collaboration. Most importantly, when top talent and potential employees walk through your doors, you want your workspace to appeal to them. 

Here are 3 design features that potential employees will be looking for this year.

Breakout Spaces
In recent years, break rooms, once spaces dedicated to grabbing a cup of coffee and a place to sit and eat lunch. have evolved into beautifully designed spaces that look like cafes or homestyle kitchens.  Breakout spaces are places that are designed to be social and comfortable and allow employees to unwind. The latest trend in breakout spaces takes the idea of unwinding to a whole new level. Companies are starting to create spaces that are comfortable enough that you can lay down and take a quick nap, meditate or practice some mid-day yoga.  

Adaptable Furniture
The reason that your space needs adaptable furniture is that it allows employees to change a room to meet their needs easily. Giving employees that ability to control the way that they work through multifunctional furniture is a simple way to make your employees feel valued.  If you use modular furniture in a space, it can quickly be moved together to create a collaborative workspace. Height adjustable desks in office spaces, allow employees to choose if they want to sit or stand while they work. This flexibility of design, keeping the employees needs in mind, is a big selling point for potential employees. 

Biophilic Office DesignThe new workforce are environmentally conscious and an easy way to reflect these values is by bringing the outdoors into your workspace. Biophilic Design is more than just adding plants into the office, it also includes using a variety of natural materials like stone, metal and wood. The latest trend in Biophilic design is to use subtle variations in natural hues and materials to create depth in the space.  

Are you ready to transform your workplace or enhance your current office to attract top college graduates and potential employees to your company? Let Bellia help.  Take a look at our latest projects on our showcase page.

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