How You Can Help Raise the Magnetism of the Tri State Area

Raising the magnetism of the Tri-state area is something that all businesses need to begin thinking about.  In the area, we have a number of top-notch colleges producing top talent each year, and we often lose these graduates to other markets. By investing in our businesses and promoting an area with a strong family-business presence, not only can we keep the top talent in the area, but we will attract top talent from other places to work here and fuel the economic development of the area as well.

Top Graduates–the Key to Growth

According to a recent study, the presence of young professionals in a region has a direct correlation to continued economic growth. The Tri-state area often loses its young college graduates to the bigger markets, so it is important to understand ways in which you can get them to choose your company before they get a job offer from a bigger market.  According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, the best ways to attract the best college graduates to your company is by getting your best and most recent hires to engage with potential recruits, tell the story of your mission, your culture and your brand through social media and make the application process easy and engaging.

Business–All in the Family

One of the greatest things about the Tri-state area is its rich tradition of family businesses. Family businesses are ones that through hard work, dedication and commitment to their employees have grown and thrived. But just because it is a business that has been in the family for generations, doesn’t mean that its interior has to look like that. Through strategic office design, you can give top graduates all the things they want in an office setting like collaborative work areas, touchdown spaces and an open floor plan.

Top Talent–Attracting them to the Area

While the Tri-state area has top grads that we want to keep here, businesses should actively be thinking of ways to try and get the best talent from all over to work in this area. When it comes to accepting a job offer, the biggest motivating factors are what they always have been: salary and benefits. But that’s not the only thing that appeals to top talent.  Having a strong company culture, providing continual professional growth and development opportunities and most importantly, they want a highly functional work environment.

Through strategic office interior design, businesses can increase the magnetism of the area which will fuel the area’s economy. So take a look around your current workspace and think about how it looks, how it feels and what it says about you as an organization. Is your space outdated? Could it be updated and refreshed? Is it open and inviting? By taking an honest assessment of your space and then making positive changes to it, your organization will help raise the image of the area creating stronger economic growth that will keep our graduates here and attract top talent to a premier place to work.


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