Tips for creating an ideal healthcare atmosphere

The trend in healthcare design has moved toward making healthcare facilities resemble a spa like setting to help reduce the stress and worry that patients tend to face when entering a medical facility. A challenge that healthcare environments face when trying to fit the needs of the patients, visitors and staff, is that the space still needs to come off as clinical and professional in order to keep with the high standards that people have come to expect from a traditional medical office.  

Further, the space should help you achieve your goals, such as increasing productivity, attracting top employees, and creating a positive, peaceful environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Here are a few trends and things to consider when considering a redesign of your healthcare facility.


There have been a number of studies done showing that the physical environment in the healthcare setting directly affects outcomes for patients.  Current goals in design for medical facilities include utilizing high tech innovations where possible and to deliver an experience that feels safe, comfortable and instills confidence in patients and visitors. Some of the design elements that improve patient experience are:


Research has shown that even just a short exposure to nature can reduce patient stress.  So having plants, aquariums and even artwork displaying natural landscapes will create an environment that is stress-free and relaxing for patients, visitors and staff. Studies have linked nature in hospital and medical settings to have restorative and calming effects on sick patients and their families.


Lighting is an important part of any space, but in healthcare settings, natural lighting plays a particularly important role.  Studies have shown that exposing patients to natural light has positive impacts on patient outcomes and healing.  Also, for employees, natural lighting has been found to increase productivity and efficiency and create an overall feeling of positivity in the workplace.

By designing healthcare facilities based upon the needs of patients, family and staff have an overall positive effect on everyone using the facility. For staff, a peaceful environment will increase effectiveness and morale and bring a return on investment. For patients, creating a warm and comfortable environment will have numerous health benefits.


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