What does your office design say about your brand?

Have you ever considered what does your office design say about your brand? You never get a second chance to make a first impression when it comes to the appearance of your office.  The minute someone walks through your doors, you have made an impression on them about who you are as an organization. The question is: are you making the impression that you want to?

What does your office say say about your company? Does it reflect a strong and active business? Does it present an image of efficiency and organization? Is this the place where goals are achieved?  When considering the details of your office design, it is important to consider that every inch of your space should reflect your brand, your company’s culture, values and core beliefs. Your office space should be one that tells your unique story and in telling that story your space will convey the message you intend to all who enter.


Before even entering your space, it is important to take a fresh look at what visitors will see before they enter.  Is it clean and inviting? Is it seasonally festive? Could you add decor items to make it more welcoming? If the first thing people notice before they enter your doors is an unwelcoming, poorly maintained entryway, it will certainly set the wrong tone.


Once people walk through your entryway into your lobby or reception area, they will immediately notice its appearance. Dark wood desks and chairs will signify a serious tone, but if not accented correctly with bright colors, it could send a message of cold and unfriendly.  Bright colored furniture and paint will portray your company as creative and vibrant While the appearance of all of the areas of your office are important, the reception area is critical because it is the first area where people will get a feeling for your business. Choosing furniture, paint colors, logo display and even plant placement must be done carefully because it will send a message about your brand, your culture and whether your business is perceived as a successful one.


Beyond the reception area, what is the design of your office floor plan? Traditional offices with private offices and cubicles will convey a message of seriousness and privacy, which may translate to clients and employees as unwelcoming, while an open plan, will emit a feeling of vibrancy, energy, creativity and collaboration.  It is also important to remember to take special notices to the smaller details that have a big effect on those who enter your space.  Is it organized and clean? Does the artwork reflect your values? These small details communicate that you are efficient and effective as a business.


Doors and lighting can make a difference in how your company is perceived. When a visitor walks into your space and sees glass doors, it immediately will bring to mind transparency.  Further your visitors will be able to clearly see your business in action. Is your office bright and well-lit? Or dark and dimly lit? Optimal lighting for your space will increase the energy and liveliness of the environment. Most offices bring the outdoors in by having plants throughout the workspace, make sure they are well cared for, nothing can send a more negative message than a plant which is beginning to wilt and die.  Again, it is the smallest details that make the biggest difference.

When designing your space, each paint color, piece of furniture and office plant should be there for a purpose because the appearance of your space should leave a lasting impression on all who enter.  The way you choose to create your interior will not only showcase the personality of your organization, but establish the perception of your brand and your organization.  When your company pays close attention to the details of optimal interior design, you will see countless benefits.  For staff, you will create a positive work environment and see increases in efficiency and productivity. For clients, you will strengthen their belief and faith in your organization.

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