Inspire Connections In The Workplace with Office Furniture

Inspire Connections In The Workplace with Office Furniture

A recent study has found that nearly half of all Americans feel lonely—young people, in particular, are experiencing the most loneliness. Loneliness is also prevalent in the American workplace, which impacts employee happiness and well-being, collaboration, creativity, innovation and productivity.

While it is hard to pinpoint what is causing this loneliness epidemic, many experts agree that the increased use of technology has a lot to do with it. Technology has its benefits, such as allowing for anytime, anywhere communication, but social media, email and texting, although convenient, may be isolating us. On the other side of this, studies have also found that people who engage in daily face-to-face interaction are less lonely than those who don’t.

Many businesses have take notice to the connection between human interaction and its effect on loneliness and well-being and are working to create more ways for their employees to connect with each other. Remote work is still a popular option for employees, but companies are starting to invest more in their physical spaces to entice their employees to come into the office more often.

Here are just a few ways you can create opportunities for more face-to-face interaction for your employees, and in the process promote creativity, collaboration and innovation.

  • Open spaces and benching workstations– an excellent way for employees to interact and connect
  • Comfortable, home-like spaces–ideal for group work and meetings
  • Flexible floorplans that offer opportunities for impromptu meetings as people move throughout the space

Are your ready to invest in your workspace to create better well-being for your employees? Contact Bellia today to help you get started!

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