Boost Productivity with Optimal Office Lighting

A recent study by the American Society of Interior Design indicated that 68 percent of office lightingemployees complain about their office lighting situation. Office lighting is an important factor in the overall performance, efficiency and productivity of employees, not to mention adding to a comfortable and positive work environment.  But in office design, lighting is often overlooked.

When lighting is insufficient, it can cause physical problems. Poor lighting can lead to eye strain, migraine headaches, and fatigue.  So it is important to consider ways to create optimal lighting in your space.

Natural lighting in the office setting has a number of benefits.  Aside from all the positive impacts that natural lighting has on employees, it is also an energy saver resulting in money saved.  Natural light exposure during the day also boosts productivity, elevates moods, and reduces stress.  While every office space may not have lots of windows, it is important to try and use the natural light sources in the best way possible.  For example, positioning desks to receive as much natural light as possible is one way to maximize the natural light in the space.  Even in older buildings, adding skylights is a way to allow more natural light into the space.

If natural light is at a minimum, or your space is windowless, there are ways to increase the flow of light. Simply, by having an open floor plan and eliminating cubicles which block light, allows for light to transfer throughout the office. Also, many office interiors have moved to glass doors and transparent walls which further help to allow light to travel deep within the office.  Further, desk lamps and personal lighting with natural light bulbs can be added to mimic natural light and provide the same benefits as light coming in from a window would.

It is important when designing your space to remember that the way you light your space can have dramatic effects on achieving your company’s goals. When lighting is done correctly, no one will notice the lighting of a space. But the impact of optimal lighting design will be noticed in increases in productivity, efficiency, comfortability and overall employee satisfaction. Let us create a free work+space evaluation of your space. Contact us today!

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