2021 Office Design Trends

2021 Office Design Trends

It’s no secret 2020 will be known as a year of turbulent times and hectic events. As we do our best to move past the negative, we cannot ignore the effects it’s had on our personal and professional lives. Of those effects are the 2021 office design trends. The past is behind us, but we must ask- how has it changed our future? What are the new needs and routines that will come together to influence design, form, and function? 

With so many of us having related experiences, it’s no surprise that our commonalities will manifest in the workplace in how we shape the spaces we perform in. The demographics are shifting, and organizations’ culture is becoming more human-centric that keeps people comfortable, engaged, and inspired while embodying the personality of a company’s brand and culture.

2021 Office Design Trends

1. Raw Earth 

Using raw earth materials introduces the outside to the inside. Due to the unbalanced, insecure, and vulnerable feelings we may have from not having control over the situation.

2. Imaginovation

As rough as its been, the past year has offered us an opportunity to think deeper and play harder, focusing on things we might otherwise have not thought of as important. Being forced to adjust suddenly and all at once, allows new forms of creativity to converge, for an opportunity to accelerate how and why we use technology, and the ability to make space for explosive innovative concepts and ideas.

3. Yesteryears

We live in the age of experience; different designers have different experiences. Those experiences lead to varying reflections, and so design becomes a mixture of styles that personalities from every era and background can relate to.

4. Geometrical

While recreation may have been hard to navigate, it’s been a great time for organization. With new designs that strip away the accents and stick to basic colors, lines, shapes, and geometric patterns, businesses can foster the feeling of structure and cleanliness.

5. Escapism

The distance we’ve had to endure has made us feel trapped, locked, and stuck in the same location. The work space now will be utilized as a place of productivity as well as an escape from what has become too familiar. 

You can learn more about office trends in 2021 that will soon be the new norm across companies here.

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