Higher Education: Expanding the Boundaries

In education, there is a movement towards using influences from outside the industry to help shape the way that classrooms are designed.  It is an interesting time in education, as the educational world has slowly begun to adapt and change the way they address the needs of learners. Lecture halls and college classrooms used to […]

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Is your workspace helping your business agility?

Business agility refers to the ability of a business to quickly adapt to changes in the internal and external environment in productive and cost-effective ways.  Two qualities that are critical in maintaining long-term business agility are adaptability and flexibility. One of aspect of maintaining business agility that is often overlooked is your workspace or physical […]

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Millennials: Changing the Modern Office

By the year 2020, 40% of the workforce will be comprised of millennials.  Since millennials have entered the workforce, the way companies do business has changed.  Gone are the days of staying at your office late, putting in long hours stationed at your cubicle, and working hard to try and get into the corner office. […]

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Never Underestimate The Influence Of CAR DEALERSHIP DESIGN

The most successful car dealerships are ones that feature an interior that complements the automobiles that they are selling.  Here are few design features that will help your dealership stand apart from the rest. Open and Bright When potential customers walk inside your dealership, it is important for the atmosphere to be open and bright. […]

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Trending for 2018. What’s new in office design?

As businesses head into 2018, the office space continues to transform.  The conventional office space is slowly disappearing as companies look for ways to create connected spaces that support collaboration and innovation. Here are 3 design trends to look forward to in the next year. Going Green In 2017, biophilic design was a popular trend. […]

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Office design to support productivity

The way your office space is designed can have a dramatic impact on employee productivity.  Studies indicate that the most important factor in an employee’s ability to focus and be productive at work is their physical environment.  Because office design can increase workplace productivity by 20 percent, focusing on ways you can support productivity through […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional to Help You Choose New Office Furniture

When you are thinking about choosing new office furniture, you might consider just Googling office furniture, and going with a low-cost or stylish pieces that you find online. Did you ever think about the benefits of using an experienced, professional company to help you? Here are 5 reasons that you should use a professional to […]

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The Benefits of Natural Light Exposure

Recently, a study at the University of Oregon concluded that employees with better daylight exposure and views of nature took 6% less sick days.  90 percent of a business’ operating cost lies in salaries and benefits for its employees, so focusing on anything that affects the productivity of its employees should be a major focus […]

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Tips For Creating an Empowered Office

Recent studies point to the fact that the most successful office spaces are empowered ones.  In 2010, psychologists in the UK conducted an experiment to see how the office environment affected productivity and morale. They used four different office layouts and observed how employees worked within them.  The empowered office was the most successful because […]

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3 reasons not to order office furniture from Ikea

Just about everyone has been to IKEA.  The cool, modern furniture with cheap prices makes it hard to resist.  If you are thinking about using IKEA to furnish your office space, you might want to think again.  You might be able to furnish your office on the cheap, but are you willing to make other […]

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