The Latest Trend In Improving Patient Experiences

As the future of the interior design of medical offices and healthcare setting trends towards comfort, the decor and furnishings in the healthcare setting have become an important part of improving the patient experience. Studies have supported the findings that the design of medical facilities can actually improve outcomes for patients.

With just a few small design changes, healthcare facilities can create comfortable, healing environments that actually patients to their medical offices.


Patients desire comfortable settings in medical facilities to put them more at ease and reduce the anxiety often associated with medical appointments. A few ways you can increase the comfort of your space is by:

  • Designing waiting areas with a spa-like feel.  Try using comfortable, home-like seating or movable, convertible chairs for patients and families to use while they wait.  
  • Using interior colors like blues and greens will create a calming effect.
  • Inpatient areas, using stylish cabinetry to hide medical equipment will put patients and families at ease.
  • Regulating temperature and providing soothing, pleasant sounds will help create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Soothing Views

Studies have shown that including natural materials and views of nature in healthcare settings can soothe and heal. This small change in your space will have enormous benefits to patients, their families and even the medical staff.

  • Incorporating natural light and having as many windows as possible can have therapeutic effects on patient outcomes.  According to the Center for Health Design, when natural light is increased in the healthcare setting, there are positive impacts on both patients and staff, including the reduced need for pain medication and decrease inpatient stays.  Staff reported an overall increased satisfaction with their jobs.
  • Using natural materials and pleasant nature pictures changes patient’s mindsets and their ability to heal.  Demand for pain injections decreased by 70 percent in one study that simply hung pictures of nature in the patient lounge.

Bellia believes in enriching the lives of other through design.  One of the most important ways that we demonstrate that is through helping people feel safe and comfortable in the healthcare community.  Bellia has worked with many health and wellness facilities in the Tri-State area. Here are just a few:

Atlanticare.  Located in Linwood, New Jersey, Bellia partnered with the region’s largest health and wellness service providers to provide renovations and furnishings for Atlanticare’s hospitals, outpatient facilities and surgical centers throughout South Jersey. With a warm and inviting spa-like feel, Atlanticare’s facilities are a professional, relaxing space for patients, families and staff.

Conifer Realty.  For over 10 years, Bellia has provided turnkey interior solutions for Conifer’s Senior Living Facilities in 18 locations. In partnership with contractors and design firms, Bellia provided consistent, modern design throughout all of the locations.

Brandywine Senior Living.  Inspired by the historic nature of the building, Bellia provided a timeless environment with proper furniture and color placement for Brandywine Senior Living that amplifies the facilities history while maintaining a warm and inviting environment.

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