Higher Education: Expanding the Boundaries

In education, there is a movement towards using influences from outside the industry to help shape the way that classrooms are designed.  It is an interesting time in education, as the educational world has slowly begun to adapt and change the way they address the needs of learners. Lecture halls and college classrooms used to be stark rows of desks that were teacher-centered. But the emergence of technology and wireless capabilities has transformed the way we think of higher education.

Expanding the Boundaries

In the past, before the Internet and online learning, traditional brick and mortar building were where all learning happened.  While the boundaries of education have changed, spaces for learning are still needed. But, they will look different than the traditional idea of a college classroom.

Because a great deal of a student’s learning is increasingly happening online and through digital platforms, students will need a wide variety of spaces to meet and collaborate.  Two types of spaces will be prevalent in the future: interactive space and project space.

Interactive Space

Interactive spaces are places where people talk and share ideas.  These spaces can include comfortable lounge areas, cafes or student centers. Furniture and design that is comfortable, flexible and fully integrated with technology will benefit both students and faculty as they meet one-on-one or in small groups.  

Project Space

Just like it sounds, these spaces where the work happens.  These spaces need to be functional and in a place of higher learning, functional can mean many different things.  The design that creates functionality could vary depending on the program content.

Bellia has experience creating state-of-the-art higher education facilities throughout the Tri-State area.  Here a just a few of our projects:

Ocean County College–Bellia designed the Jon and Judith Larson Student Center, an energy efficient, innovative and collaborative environment that enhances student achievement.

Rowan College at Gloucester County–When RCGC wanted to renovate to attract top students and faculty to its Gloucester County campus, Bellia created a multi-functional design to encourage collaboration and provide a comfortable environment for students and staff.

Rutgers Camden Nursing and Science BuildingBellia worked with Rutgers on this large scale project to design spaces that are state-of-the-art and will serve over 1,000 nursing students.  

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