Benefits of a Branded Workspace

Each year, businesses spend millions of dollars promoting their brands through advertising and marketing. While marketing your brand through advertising is critical, your workspace is also essential in promoting your brand and the message you want employees and clients to receive about you. As you take a look at your current space, is it reflecting your brand? Is it effectively conveying your message?

A branded workspace should not only be about displaying your company logo and colors in your lobby but using the entirety of your space to communicate your message. Your office has the potential to be your most valuable brand messenger. In order to make your workspace support and reflect the essence of your brand, it is important to consider some of the benefits a branded workspace can bring to your business.

The Power of Your Employees

While the most common way to deliver your brand message is through marketing and advertising, your employees are often the best way to strengthen and reinforce your brand. By creating a branded workspace, employees will feel connected with your organization’s message and values. A good way to create a consistent visual reminder for employees about how your brand should be portrayed to clients is to inject your brand into every area of your workspace including meeting rooms, kitchens, and lobbies. A branded workspace also shows that your organization values and is committed to the well-being of your employees. It is a constant reinforcement to your staff that you care about them as much as you care about your clients. Studies have shown that companies that have a branded workspace have more engaged employees. Employee engagement leads to increase in productivity and decreases in employee turnover.

Tell Your Story

There is no better way to connect to employees and clients than by using your workspace to tell your story. By creating a space where all who enter can experience your story, your history, your milestones and your achievements, it will inspire and create a feeling of belonging. Telling your story through design elements will communicate that your company stands apart from the rest and subtly remind clients and employees what makes your company uniquely you.

Here are 3 Ways to Brand Your Workspace

1 – Signage

Your company’s name, logo, and colors are a critical part of branding. As your employees and clients walk through your doors, it should be the first thing that they see. Your signage should also be a reflection of your business.

2 – Floor plan

Your floor plan should be carefully considered in a branded workspace. If your company is innovative and collaborative, a closed door, private office layout will not convey the right message about your brand nor will it maximize productivity. However, if you are a professional accounting firm, more private spaces will send a message to your client’s about the nature of your business.

3 – Color

Choosing colors that reflect the uniqueness of your brand is an easy way to send a message. You can add subtle splashes of color in furniture, upholstery, and artwork in common areas that will help bring your brand to life.

A branded workspace has the power and potential to shape the way your company is perceived by your employees, your clients, and your investors. By hiring a team of professionals to help you create a branded workspace, you will communicate the values and mission of your business. When you use elements of design to reinforce your brand, not only will you see business growth, but increases in employee engagement, attract top talent, maximize productivity and see a return on your investment.

Are you ready to brand your space? Let the team of professionals at Bellia help you early in the planning process by conducting a complete analysis and provide solutions based on your goals.

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