4 Ways To Reduce Distraction In An Open Office

About 70 percent of US companies have adopted an open office. One of the biggest benefits of having an open office is that it maximizes space while keeping down costs. Keeping down costs is important, distractions could cause decreases in productivity. In order to eliminate distractions during the workday, check out these four tips.

  1. Optimize your workspace.  Sometimes your open office can be plagued with disorganization and clutter causing frustration and decreases in productivity.  In order to eliminate distraction, many companies have incorporated designated quiet zones and use portable partitions and walls to create privacy.
  2. Add plants and greenery to your workspace.  Adding plants and shrubs is an easy way to reduce noise levels in an open office.  Plants naturally absorb noise, which will reduce background noise and distractions.
  3. Turn off email notifications.  Turning off notifications, whether they are from your phone or your laptop, can eliminate a major source of interruption throughout the workday.  If you can commit to checking your email or your phone, only once or twice an hour, your productivity will increase.
  4. Noise canceling headphones.  If you want to shut out the world, noise-canceling headphones are the perfect solution. Noise canceling headphones not only send the message to your coworkers that you don’t want to be interrupted, they will also get rid of the background noise to help you stay focused.

If you are ready to increase productivity and reduce distractions in your workspace, let Bellia help.  We can offer creative solutions to help you achieve a productive, positive office environment. Give us a call today for a free 30-minute consultation!

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