Trending for 2018. What’s new in office design?

As businesses head into 2018, the office space continues to transform.  The conventional office space is slowly disappearing as companies look for ways to create connected spaces that support collaboration and innovation.

Here are 3 design trends to look forward to in the next year.

Going Green

In 2017, biophilic design was a popular trend.  Businesses realized that by bringing the outdoors in through gardens and water features, it created a healthy, positive and calm atmosphere for its employees.  This year, companies are going to take the next step and apply this idea to all of their processes including finding renewable energy sources for power, renovating air quality by incorporating air purification systems, and green web hosting.  To add to the wellness of employees, business will be looking to include bike and electric car rental benefits for employees, workout areas, and locally sourced healthy food and beverages in cafeterias and lounges.  Another new design trend to look forward to in 2018 is indoor “parks” that really bring the feeling of the outdoors in.  

Collaborative Space

While collaborative space is not a new trend, in 2018, you will begin to see businesses take that further.  Continuing to design space that helps to build relationships between people and between teams will continue to be important.  Companies are moving to eliminating fixed desks and individual offices, including eliminating office space for leadership teams. This concept helps to reduce the idea of a hierarchy within the company and helps to create connections and relationships between all staff.  As a result, innovation, creativity and productivity will increase.

Homestyle Design

Businesses want their employees to enjoy and feel comfortable in their workspace and figure out creative ways to get them to stay at the office longer.  Homestyle Design is creating spaces with the comforts of home.  Businesses will begin to include fireplaces, showers, game rooms and some are even putting bars and beer fridges in the workspace.  This design trend is just another trend that can be attributed to the influx of millennials in the workplace who are drawn to comfortable and unconventional design.

Are you thinking about making some changes to your workspace in 2018?  Let Bellia help you create an innovative and productive space in the new year.

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