5 reasons your renovation needs a project manager

If you are thinking about an office renovation project, you may be asking yourself if hiring a project manager will add value to your renovation?  Here are 5 ways that explain how a project manager will positively impact your renovation:

  1. Stay on Budget.  If you want to make sure that your renovation budget stays on track, an experienced project manager knows exactly how to do it.  Because a renovation involves managing construction and labor crews and multiple vendors, it can be a difficult task.  A project manager will ensure that crews arrive on time, materials and furniture are there when expected and with no added charges attached costing you valuable budget dollars.
  2. Stay on Schedule.  When a renovation is underway, a project manager will ensure that everything happens according to the schedule and plan that you and your project manager have set up at the beginning of the project. By staying on schedule, you will avoid delays that can be costly.
  3. Manage Multiple Relationships.  One of the best aspects of using a project manager is that they are well-versed in managing the many relationships with the architect, builders, contractors and everyone else on the job.  A project manager will properly manage, control and if necessary, correct the teams involved in the renovation.
  4. Anticipate Project Challenges.  While it would be nice if every renovation ran smoothly without problems or challenges along the way, that is usually not the case. Because an experienced project manager can often anticipate problems, these challenges will impact your project minimally because a solution is already in motion before the challenge occurs.  
  5. Pushes the Project to the Finish Line. With a project manager in charge of your renovation, they will add value by tracking resources, schedules, budget and all the various aspects that it takes to make your renovation a success. Everyday, they will make it their responsibility to make sure that your project finishes on scope, on time and on budget.  

But it is worth noting that an experienced and professional project manager can see the big picture. They have a keen understanding of how all aspects of design will help you achieve your business goals.  Are you ready to start your renovation? Contact us!

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