Outdoor Office Spaces are Becoming a Hot Trend

Outdoor Office Spaces are Becoming a Hot Trend

As technology enables a rapidly growing number of employees to work remotely, and as companies focus more on offices with inviting meeting spaces rather than desks and cubicles, outdoor office spaces are becoming a hot trend. In areas with comfortable climates especially, companies can take advantage of growing technology…ironically, to help people enjoy nature more as a means to becoming more effective.

This article from the Haworth blog delves into some details about the benefits of spending more time outside…and interestingly cites an article from National Geographic that explains how humans are wired to relax in natural surroundings, because that’s where our roots are as creatures.

As the article also points out, being in nature more helps our well-being in a number of ways. Being part of a natural environment enhances our cognitive function, our attention skills, and our creative problem solving skills.

As a result, companies are doing more to accommodate staff needs and desire to spend more time outside. It’s possible to create a perfectly viable outdoor meeting or working space that includes comfortable furniture and a strong Wi-Fi connection. With online meeting technology, employees can participate in meetings without having to physically attend, and can take advantage of that technology in a local café.

The article does acknowledge that it’s not always feasible to enable outdoor working spaces. But there are suggestions for companies to at least make that office environment a more pleasant, natural one, including setting up workspaces close to windows, adding plants and greenery, and changing the view to one of a more relaxing environment, with a fireplace or aquarium or other natural movement.

In today’s competitive world, companies must do everything they can to attract top talent, and enabling remote work is a great selling point. Outdoor office spaces are becoming a hot trend too, and it’s an advantage to a company looking to provide a more pleasant and optimal working environment that encourages rather than stifles creativity.

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