Office design to support productivity

The way your office space is designed can have a dramatic impact on employee productivity.  Studies indicate that the most important factor in an employee’s ability to focus and be productive at work is their physical environment.  Because office design can increase workplace productivity by 20 percent, focusing on ways you can support productivity through your workspace design is an investment worth taking.  Here are a few ways to increase productivity through office design so that you can position yourself to reach your business goals.

Variety of Spaces to Work

It was once believed that your employees needed to be sitting at their desk in order to get work done, but times have changed. Because technology has allowed for people to work anywhere, designing your space to offer employees the ability to choose where they will work best is a more ideal environment for productivity. Employees will have a number of spaces to choose where they will be able to get the most work completed, but as they move throughout the office during the day, they will connect with others, often having chance encounters with colleagues that can lead to innovation amongst the staff.

By including desk space, conference rooms, lobbies, breakout areas, lounge areas and kitchens, employees can vary their routines.  By giving employees choice, and the power and control to move, it will allow them to get up and move when they feel that they are distracted or not working to their full capacity.   When they are moving around throughout the course of a work day, will not only promote collaboration and creativity, it will increase their productivity as well.  

Adjustable Workstations

While having a variety of areas where employees can do work will help them stay focused and engaged in their job, employees will also need workstations to get their work done. Why not provide workstations for your employees that are adjustable to increase their comfort which will help employees feel alert and energized during the day. Providing employees with sit-to-stand adjustable desks and even adjustable conference tables where a standing meeting can take place will maximize productivity and increase employee outcomes.

Natural Lighting

If you want to increase productivity, your office space should have as much natural light as possible.  One way to maximize the amount of light coming into your space is by adding glass walls. The transparency of the glass walls ensures that any natural light coming into the space, will not be blocked.  Studies indicate that the more natural light employees are exposed to, the more productive and happier employees become.  If you don’t have a lot of natural light coming into your workspace, there are many smart lighting systems on the market that are available that will mimic outdoor lighting for your employees.

How do you plan on increasing the productivity in your office in 2018?

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