Does Your Office Attract Or Repel Top Talent?

Because office design is a beneficial tool that businesses are using to attract and recruit top talent, perhaps it is time to take a look around your current office and consider whether its design is attracting top talent or pushing them away. As baby boomers are retiring at high rates, millennials have now become the largest part of the workforce. The younger workforce wants something different in their workspace than the generations before them.

The values of the baby boomers, which have defined office design for decades, were privacy, quiet and high quality conference rooms. These once important design features are not what the new workforce is looking for. So as you consider your current workspace in acquiring top talent to grow your business, it is important to understand what appeals to them in terms of office design.  The new workforce wants to feel connected and engaged in the work that they do, they want to have flexibility in their space and be a part of a collaborative work culture. How can that be accomplished through office design?


While there is still a need for privacy in the workspace, millennials value a more open and transparent office environment. Workspaces that have long hallways with private offices have become dated.  Top talent wants space to move around, to be collaborative and to be flexible for use in multiple ways.  While quiet areas and conference rooms are still needed for focused work, an open floor plan that includes this combination of work areas is highly appealing to top talent.


Technology is changing very rapidly and these technological changes have altered the way people work, so having technology that supports a culture of collaboration, innovation and creativity is a must to attract top talent.  WIth up to date technology, employees will gain added flexibility, remote access and improved collaboration.  


With people spending more and more time working, employees want their office to feel more like home. Offices should include comfortable seating areas, kitchens and cafes and perhaps even game rooms or areas to have fun.  Including areas in the workspace that are comfortable and inviting will allow employees to feel more satisfied with their jobs. By providing the new workforce with the comforts of home and breakout spaces with a relaxed and social vibe, it will create a positive work environment that is enjoyable to spend time in.


Representing your company’s brand and culture through office design will appeal to top talent because they want to feel meaning and connection to the organization for which they work. So as recruits walk through your door, they should be able to immediately sense who you are as an organization. From the logo and colors, to the furniture and even having the values on visual display will be a huge selling point for potential employees.

By the year 2020, 40% of the workforce will be made up of millennials. The office designs that worked for generations past, will need to change in order to appeal to top talent. Through strategic office design, your organization will find that your workspace can ultimately become your most valuable recruiting tool.

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