Modernize your Conference Room

Technology continues to change quickly, so it is important to make sure that your conference rooms are keeping up. By updating your meeting space, you can generate positive outcomes like maximizing productivity, eliminating unnecessary costs, supporting collaboration and increasing efficiency.  If you are thinking about updating your space, here are three ways to make your space modern.

  1. Height Adjustable Conference Tables:  Height adjustable tables have become the newest trend in office design. There are many health benefits that are associated with standing throughout the course of a work day. You will also cut down the time spent in long meetings by incorporating standing conference tables into your meeting space.  Studies have shown that standing conference tables decrease meeting times by 34%.
  2. Wireless Display Technology: In the past, the only way to share documents was to email them after meetings were over.  Now with wireless display technology, sharing content is easy. Wireless capabilities allows presenters to have freedom and flexibility of movement.  Adding wireless technology to your conference rooms will also decrease meeting times and increase productivity because the time wasted searching for the correct cables to connect is eliminated.  Furthermore, there is no longer lengthy set up or clean up times, meetings can move seamlessly from one meeting to the next.
  3. Remote Technology:  If you don’t already have remote technology available in your conference rooms, it is time to incorporate it.  In order to allow collaboration between onsite and remote staff, have meeting with clients to eliminate needless travel, collaboration tools are important to not only decrease cost, but to create an environment that is ripe for sharing.  Involve collaboration between onsite and remote team members. Investing in collaboration technology and software will increase innovation, eliminate travel costs and save time.

If you want to impress your customers, save time, and decrease travel expenses, updating your conference room is a great place to start.  

Before you get started,  it is important to contact an experienced and established office furniture dealer and designer, like Bellia, to help you take a preliminary assessment of your space.  Bellia has designed many meeting and conference spaces in the area. Take a look at the modern spaces we created at:

Anapol Weiss:

Pipeline Philly



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