Important Facts That You Should Know About Height Adjustable Furniture.

One of the most popular trends in office furniture is height adjustable furniture, and its popularity continues to increase.  Experts have predicted that within the next few years, 90 percent of companies will have moved to a sit-to-stand model.

In recent years, evidence suggests that sitting all day long at a desk is detrimental to your health.  So in a move to combat the negative health benefits of sitting, for a time standing desks became a popular alternative.  But many who changed to standing desks found that standing all day cause undue stress on their backs, legs and feet. Having a desk that is easily adjustable to accommodate sitting and standing provides the flexibility and comfort that employees need.

Health experts recommend that employees should spend two hours a day away standing or moving. Ideally, this timeframe should increase to spending four hours or half of your day. By using a sit-to-stand desk, your health will benefit.

What are the health benefits of height adjustable furniture?

  • Decrease in Blood Pressure
  • Decrease in Cholesterol levels
  • Reduced Obesity Risk
  • Improved Posture

Aside from the health benefits, height adjustable furniture create a more dynamic, collaborative work environment because it increases the amount people move, makes people more approachable and increases the positive energy of the workplace. Also, when top recruits walk through your doors and see an active, positive culture and an organization that cares about the health of its employees, it is an added selling point.

Are you ready to make a change?  Let the experts at Bellia help. Give us a call today.

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