Do your employees have the “Ouch Factor”

Do your employees have the "Ouch Factor"

Recently, Teresa Bellingar, Senior Corporate Ergonomist for Haworth, remarked that “people need to understand that static posture is bad. You shouldn’t stand all day. You shouldn’t sit all day. “ How can your employees promote back health in an office? What exactly is the “Office Ouch Factor?”

Employees often complain about lower back and neck pain. In fact, a recent study indicated that 55% of office workers suffer from neck pain.  As Haworth reported, there is an “ouch factor” in the office and it is mainly because of the many hours spent sitting. Recently, there have been numerous news stories calling sitting, the new smoking, that is how detrimental sitting for long periods of time can be to your health.  But standing all day isn’t the answer either. The bottom line is their needs to be a healthy combination of sitting, standing and movement throughout the course of a work day.

Here are a few ways to promote healthy back and neck health at your office:

Sit to stand desks

Studies have indicated that by 2022,  90 percent of offices will have adopted the sit-to-stand desk model.  With sit to stand desks, employees have the option to stand for a portion of their day, or sit when they need to as well.  Sit to stand desks bring a number of health benefits, but also have positive impacts on productivity and employee morale.

Using External Monitors, Keyboards, and Mice

As technology becomes smaller and more compact, your employees have a tendency to hunch over their devices.  Laptops, smartphones and tablets has worsened posture leading to neck and back pain. It is important to use external monitors, keyboard, and mice with laptops and tablets to minimize the effects of poor posture on neck and back health.

Ergonomically Designed furniture

Throughout the course of a workday, there are just times that being seated cannot be avoided. Office furniture should be from a reputable manufacturer and should promote back health through customized support with the flexibility to meet each employee’s needs.  

At Bellia, we have been leaders in the office design and furniture industry for over 40+ years.  We work with a large network of furniture manufacturers, so we can help you choose the furniture you need, that compliments your aesthetic, all while promoting back health.  Are you ready to make some changes? Give us a call today!

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