Creating a Good First Impression – The Reception Area

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Because your reception area receives the most foot traffic from employees and clients alike, it is important that its design is welcoming, tells a story, creates a positive experience for visitors and inspires your employees.  It should immediately convey who you are as an organization.


In the reception area, the best branding is often done when you take the less is more approach.  Some ways you can brand your reception area is to add signage, subtle corporate colors or a more dramatic approach. Whatever your approach is, by branding the reception area it visually show your clients/employees that you are a quality company that cares about your employees and your clients.  It will also be a visual reminder that tells your clients why they want to do business with your organization.


In office design, trends change quickly. So when considering an update of your reception area, a goal that you have in mind is to make it timeless. If you design your space to be flexible and functional and change easily over time, you will get the most out of your design budget.  By choosing key pieces of furniture that are durable, functional and with easy access to technology, you will have created a space that anticipates the needs of your clients.

Create a Connection

By creating a welcoming and inviting reception area, not only will it create a connection to your organization with clients, but will help boost your employees mood as well.  Your reception area should reflect the values and mission of your company.  Whether your company is creative and vibrant, traditional and elegant, or high-tech and innovative, you can ensure that you convey the message you want clients and employees to receive the moment they walk through your doors.

A few design features to consider:

Specific design upgrades to consider:

  • Display your logo.  Because it is all about your brand, your company logo should be prominently displayed.  Perhaps, your reception area could include televisions displaying your logo or advertising or company videos.
  • Comfortable seating areas. Comfortable lounge seating areas with integrated power or USB modules that clients can use as a charging station/workstation while they wait
  • Include multi-use furniture.  Provide stylish and durable tables that will allow clients to use as a work area
  • Don’t forget the plants.  Place plants or water features between seating areas to offer some privacy while also creating a warm, inviting environment

Whether your clients are walking through your doors for the first time, or your employees are walking through your doors every single day, they should always feel a warm, comfortable and welcoming feeling. Your reception area is the most important part of your office because it will set the stage for success.  By creating a branded, spacious and well-designed reception area or lobby, you will ensure that your organization’s first impression will be a positive one for all who enter your doors.

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