Attracting Top Talent Through Office Design


Office design has become a beneficial tool that businesses are using to attract and recruit top talent.  By 2020, 40% of the total working population will be millennials. In order to acquire top talent to grow your business, it is important to be in touch with what recruits are looking for in a company. The new workforce wants to feel connected and engaged in the work that they do, they want to have flexibility in their space, and be a part of a collaborative work culture. All of these things can be accomplished or enhanced through office design.


Your brand and your company’s culture should be clearly represented as a new recruit walks through your doors.  From the logo and colors, to the furniture, top talent wants to feel connected to the values and attitudes of the organization. Even having the values on visual display for employees to see is helpful to keep employees feeling engaged with the work that they do.


The best work environment isn’t the same for every employee. By including a combination of collaborative and quiet areas, employees can choose where they are going to be most productive depending on the task at hand. This freedom to choose and flexibility is a big selling point for millennials. Further, your employees will accomplish more and feel more connected with the job that they are doing.  


With people spending more and more time working, employees want their office to feel more like home.  Having spaces to relax, refuel, and socialize, including comfortable seating areas, kitchens, game rooms, outside areas, and cafes create a comfortable and inviting an environment.  These areas are designed to encourage creativity and spontaneous discussion, often places where the best ideas are born.

When talent and recruits walk through your door, they are no longer just looking for an office to work in. Millennials want an experience–one that inspires and engages them. By keeping this in mind as you design your space, not only will you attract top talent, but chances are, they will never want to leave. Contact us to start attracting talent through your office design

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