All About Break Out Spaces

What is a break out space?

A break out space is any space in your office that is open to employees or clients that is separate from your workspace. It can be a comfortable space for people to hold informal meetings, relax or eat their lunch. It is an appealing space to employees because it allows them to disengage from the pressure of work and reduce stress levels throughout their workspace. By including a break out space for your employees, you can achieve many positive outcomes such as boosting employees positive mindset, maximizing productivity and driving creativity and innovation.

Things to keep in mind when creating a break out space:

Providing different types of seating in your break out space is important. Remember these spaces are multifunctional, so you will want to include sofas or soft seating for relaxing, and multi-purpose chairs to allow more flexibility for the area.

Lighting and acoustics are also important to consider when creating your break out space. Ideally, if your break out space can be situated near natural lighting that would be best for your employees. Studies have found that exposure to natural light will positively impact your employee’s health and wellness. Regarding the acoustics in your break out space, you may consider carpeting or screen partitions to minimize the noise levels.

Do you think your office is ready to add a break out space? If you are considering it, give the team at Bellia a call to help you plan and create a comfortable space for your employees.

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