6 Ways to Create a Happier Workplace Through Office Design

When it comes to employees, the happier they are the more loyal and productive they will be.  A recent study found that less than a third of workers feel engaged in their jobs.  One of the best ways to create happy and engaged employees is to create a workspace that they love.  

Here are six ways you can create a happier workspace through office design:

  1. Employee Wellness.  By creating a stimulating and inspiring work environment that provides a choice for the ways in which people work will support wellness.  When employees are afforded the option to sit, stand and move throughout their workday, they are energized, engaged and healthier. Not only will an office environment that encourages movement improve employee moods, but it will also improve employee cardiovascular health and reduce their stress levels.
  2. Back to Nature. Having greenery and access to natural lighting has proven effects on increasing productivity and efficiency.  Studies have shown that more windows, views of the outdoors and outdoor access increases employee satisfaction with their jobs.   Further, evidence suggests that exposure to sunlight throughout the work day has beneficial effects on health and mood.
  3. Mixed Use Space. Including a variety of areas to work will make your employees happiest and lead to increased engagement and productivity.  It is important to provide areas where employees can connect or seek solitude when necessary.  The happiest environments have open and enclosed spaces, comfortable seating areas, conference and break rooms and quiet spaces for focused work.
  4. Color.  Color can have a dramatic effect on mood, energy and job satisfaction.  Choosing blues and greens can have a calming effect, while reds can increase energy.  It is important to do you research though.  Check out this article for more information about color in your workspace.
  5. Regulating Temperature. There is nothing worse in your work environment than a room that is too cold or one that isn’t cool enough.  To keep employees happy and comfortable, the temperature should remain between 65 and 70 degrees. 
  6. Make it Comfortable.  Color choice, regulating temperature and having mixed use space are all ways to create a comfortable environment. But keep in mind that furniture choices also will have a great impact on the comfort of your office.  If employees feel comfortable and content in their workspace, it will lead to positive outcomes in terms of your corporate goals and happier, more loyal employees.

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