3 reasons not to order office furniture from Ikea

Just about everyone has been to IKEA.  The cool, modern furniture with cheap prices makes it hard to resist.  If you are thinking about using IKEA to furnish your office space, you might want to think again.  You might be able to furnish your office on the cheap, but are you willing to make other sacrifices in the long run?

Quality and Durability

Let’s face it, when your desk is made completely of particleboard, chances are it isn’t going to last you a long time.  The problem with lesser quality furniture (like IKEA) is that while it may look nice for the right price, you will end up having to replace it every few years.  Because of the lesser quality materials used in its construction, it is just not as durable. Additionally, because a lot of times you are responsible for putting that furniture together, you will notice that six months after you bought it, the shelves are a little creaky or the legs are a little wobbly because the screws that you tightened are coming loose.  Now you have to search high and low for that little wrench (provided by IKEA) to hopefully make your furniture a little sturdier.

Design (and assembly!)

While Ikea has some great looking designs, they all must be assembled by you once you have purchased them.  Not only are the wordless diagrams difficult to follow at times, assembling furniture takes a great deal of time.  When you are buying for a home office, it is one desk that needs to be assembled.  When you are buying for your company, it could be lots and lots of furniture that you are your staff will be required to put together.  Is this how you want your staff to spend their time?


Ikea has some great deals, but the bargains aren’t always what they seem.  If you choose the bargain priced ones at the lower end of the product range, you will get furniture that lacks quality.  The middle range and higher end products at Ikea will have a bit more durability and be of better quality, but will it really be a cost-effective purchase when you have to replace them after a few years of use?  

When you choose a reputable office furniture dealer, not only is the furnitured often guaranteed, but reputable office furniture dealers stand behind the quality and durability of their products.  Additionally, the furniture you purchase will be an investment that is worth it.  Let Bellia help you choose your office furniture today!  We work with a large network of furniture manufacturers. As leaders in the office design and furniture industry, we stay on top of trends and are aware of the latest innovations, so as we are sourcing products for your space we are not just taking into account the overall design and aesthetics, but also the needs of the client and how the pieces we choose will help them achieve their business goals.


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