Designing Workspaces for COVID-19

Designing Workspaces for COVID-19

With the world seemingly making adjustments due to the current circumstances, stay ahead of the curve and on top of the latest trends for designing workspaces for COVID-19 by calling us today. Bellia partners with Haworth’s experts to learn about and curate ideal practices in keeping the workplace as functional as possible. The balance between comfortability and productivity can be a delicate one. With safety being a major matter, we believe these modifications can help.

Plenty of businesses have found the past year’s pivot to remote working to be challenging, and although remote working is far from over, the quality of the office is more important now than ever. With the world seemingly on pause, there has been time to step back and look at the conditions at how we work. To best prepare forward, we must first peak backward: According to the Leesman Index in 2019, only 59.2% of all global respondents felt their workplace positively contributed to a sense of community, while 61.1% agreed that their workplace enabled them to be productive.

Our industry’s challenge is to take this opportunity and re-imagine our offices to make them not only desirable places, but functional business assets in this new world of hybrid work.

With remote work, the playing field seemingly has been leveled with everyone having to do their best across email, zoom, and other chat services. While companies have seen the benefit of hiring talent from around the world (eliminating the restrictions of having to pull from local talents) not every area, whether rural or metropolitan, offers the same access to a productive work environment. By revamping the office space, businesses can provide a neutral space all employees can truly have equal footing in with a set tone and vibe provided by management.

Interaction breeds thought, understanding, and tolerance- not just socially, but for better business practices and strategies. The office space allows these interactions to happen more organically, fostering a team mentality that will motivate everyone involved with a project to allocate more energy into it. Engaging face-to-face is an integral part of learning what makes each of us tick, thereby making us better employees, colleagues, and humans. Working from home has made many people lonely and isolated, giving them a sense of being trapped in the cycle of: work, stay home, sleep, wake up, work again…all in the same spot. With a healthy office space, employees have the chance, if only for a few hours, to hit a gear switch and move with purpose as they work. In this environment, different minds with different takes will inevitably be able to freely and immediately discuss, debate, and collaborate on a given project, allowing the final outcome to be the product of several different opinions.

You can read more about designing workspaces for COVID-19 by calling us today. Please fill out the form below to get guidance on how from the experts at Bellia.

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