HEALTHCARE: Tips For Improving Clinical Design

Lets explore some tips for improving clinical design in healthcare. The nationwide shift toward outpatient (ambulatory) care continues to rise at a steep rate to meet demand. As a result, the growing prevalence of outpatient care facilities has taken on tremendous importance for today’s healthcare providers.

From 1992 to 2012, outpatient visits to community hospitals in the U.S. rose from roughly 367 million visits annually to more than 678 million visits a year. Reports state that by even the most conservative measures, the amount of money being spent on outpatient construction is expected to grow nearly 20-30 percent in the next decade.

Ultimately, the goal of more effective clinic design is to improve the quality of outpatient care and increase efficiencies among medical team members. The insights shared within this whitepaper will help the healthcare industry make more enlightened design decisions when planning a floor plan that helps reach healthcare goals. 

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