Reducing Your Office Footprint: Maximizing Profitability Through Efficient Space Usage

The modern day workspace is not what it used to be. Offices are no longer a maze of cubicles only because this model doesn’t work anymore. The new generation of workers desires a more open and flexible office environment, and with that, companies have started to consider ways to maximize the efficiency of their workspace.

According to Development Magazine, the average size of new leases has declined by 8 percent in the last decade. One of the causes of this decline is that employees no longer have to be tied to a workstation or cubicle to be productive and businesses have gone to an open floor plan. What was once the gold standard: 250 square feet per employee, has now changed to 185 square feet. Technology alone has ignited this change. As businesses utilize laptops, wireless technology and cloud storage, reducing office square footage is now a feasible solution that will not only protect the bottom line but offer the flexibility and openness that the new workforce desires.

As technology changes the landscape of the modern office, design trends reflect that. By using bench seating, collaborative work areas, and more shared spaces, companies have been able to maximize efficiency and minimize excess space reducing the employee cost per square foot. Allowing businesses to utilize smaller spaces while keeping their workforce the same size.

Efficient space usage through an open floor plan has many far reaching benefits. Not only will it reduce costs while increasing profitability, but it will maximize productivity, create a positive company culture through openness and flexibility, and enhance your brand. Accomplishing this alone is a monumental task, by choosing the right team of design professionals to help you through the process, not only will you see an immediate return on your investment but also reach your corporate goals. Lets discuss how we can save you on your bottom line.

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