Moveable Walls: Unlimited Possibilities for Flexible Office Design

Flexible office design, including moveable walls has become the preferred configuration of the modern office.  The new workforce desires flexibility, adaptability, and functionality in their work environment, and movable walls provide an alternative to traditional, solid walls to partition space.  Because of ease of installation, cost effectiveness, and versatility of design and finishing options, movable walls allow for creative freedom and unlimited possibilities for the changing needs of your space.  Movable walls have a number of desirable traits, but consider the following:

EASY TO INSTALL, RECONFIGURE, AND RELOCATE  Movable walls do not require the amount of construction that a traditional wall would require.  That means no construction crews, no permits, and none of the timely delays of installing traditional walls.  As effortlessly as they are installed, when an office design needs to be adapted or improved, the reconfiguration or relocation of movable walls is simple.  

VERSATILE DESIGN OPTIONS   Movable walls now come in a variety of materials. They can be customized with unlimited design and finishing options.  Surfaces can incorporate writing, be magnetized or technology-integrated, and they come with accessories like shelves; they can be made from wood or glass or a combination of the two; the possibilities are endless.  As office design moves towards collaborative and flex space, movable walls allow for that flexibility.  

COST EFFECTIVE  Because movable walls require limited labor and construction costs, they end up being the most cost effective alternative over the long term to traditional walls.  By eliminating the need for permits and construction crews while redesigning or relocating, savings continue to add up.

Movable walls allow you to adjust your space to fit the needs of your changing business.  As design continues trending towards functional and flexible spaces, movable walls offer the freedom to adapt to whatever tomorrow may bring. Contact us to discuss which product would best fit your office space! 


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