Monthly Deskercise

Ask yourself, do you feel like you could use more exercise in your life? If the answer is yes, check out this short guide on how you can improve your daily work life. When you’re a busy person, the thought of introducing an exercise routine can be an overwhelming idea. Research has proven that the slightest amount of exercise can improve our bodies greatly. Since we spend a great deal of time at our desks, why not start there and introduce a small routine into your day. The following exercises are simple, discreet, and overall beneficial exercises for your health.



Standing is an under rated form of exercise, but any form of movement is considered exercise. Standing after eating is not stressed enough; when sitting your body changes the way our bodies deal with sugar. When you eat, your body breaks down the food into glucose, which is then transported in the blood to other cells. Just by standing we are allowing our blood to flow evenly throughout our body. So standing after lunch is the ideal time to get your standing in, so try standing for at least 1 hour a day when you would normally sit.

Walk Around the Office

As the workplace starts entering a new open style environment, privacy becomes an issue for those who want to exercise at work. Walking is a discreet way to get up and out of you desk. Make a routine of walking twice a day for 15 minutes around the office, if the office is to small step outside for some fresh air


Some of you may feel strange getting up and stretching but its better then the alternative of just sitting. These 3 simple stretches will help you relive some of that stress and tension you acquire from a long days work. First simply stretch your arms up as far as you can for 15-second interval and then stretch as close to your feet as possible for another 15 seconds. Next try the shoulder shrug, roll your shoulders forward 4-5 times and then roll them backward for and equal amount. Lastly extend one arm out straight in front of you. With the other hand, grab the elbow of the outstretched arm and pull it across your chest, stretching your shoulder and upper back muscles, Hold, Release.


All of the tips we’ve mentioned above will improve your daily work life, but the most important is to RELAX. Maintaining a stress free mentality will help improve your overall health and prevent your body from burning out. After you have tried our tips on deskercising, ask yourself is this something you can add to your schedule?

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