Maximize Productivity Through Office Deisgn

Many employers are looking for ways to maximize productivity through office design. When it comes to running a successful business, employee productivity is a key component. While many companies are moving away from standard cubicles and into more collaborative spaces, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to maximize productivity within your office design.

Ways to maximize productivity through office design

  1. When designing your office space, think about each department separately.
    1. Do employees in that department work closely together? Do they need to speak with each other or hand off information throughout the day? Would more collaboration help strengthen their work? If so, then an open space may work best for them.
    2. What about the employees that deal with sensitive material? It’s probably best for them to have their own private space.
  1. Make sure to consider lighting when designing your office space. As trivial as it may seem, the type of lighting you use will impact your employees. Fluorescent lighting can be harsh on its own, but it’s even more problematic when your employees spend their day staring at a computer screen as well. Poor lighting can cause fatigue, strain your eyes, and headaches. Good lighting is important. And don’t forget about natural light as well. Instead of hiding windows in offices, consider putting some cubicle spaces or open collaborate areas along a windowed wall. The natural light will improve moods, help with attention, and in turn, increase productivity.
  1. Within your overall design vision, be sure not to overlook the importance of an employees workstation. If someone is spending eight hours a day at their desk, it is imperative that they have a comfortable chair that fits their desk space correctly. Otherwise they will be fidgeting, stretching, and adjusting constantly, which will interrupt their train of thought and concentration, and may cause severe physical discomfort. A new study has also shown that employees are more likely to stay at their desk when they have the ability to move from a sit to stand position while at their desk. You can easily achieve this flexibility by installing a Sit to Stand workstation.
  1. Clutter can be a huge drain on productivity. While employees, may bring pictures or decorations into their work space, keeping overall office furniture and decor to a minimum will help cut down on distractions. The more things that your staff has to look at, the easier it will be for them to get overwhelmed and distracted. It will also help keep them on task which will lead to more efficient work, and overall higher productivity.
  1. A change of scenery and location can also add to productivity. So when designing your office space, be sure to pay attention to common areas like the lobby, conference rooms, lounge areas kitchens and dining areas, etc.  A physical move can literally help shift your brain and keep you focused.

Do you think your office could maximize productivity from making some design changes? Let us conduct a free work+space evaluation. Contact us at

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