Improve your employees health with a Workspace Nudge

Improve your employees health with a Workspace Nudge

Did you know that the 15 feet around each of your employees, has a profound effect on the health and wellness of your employees?  

In a recent article written by the experts at Haworth, they detail how the 15 feet around your employees, impacts almost every system of the body.  The chair that your employees sit in and how much they move affects their muscular and skeletal systems; noise and distractions affect the immune system because they increase stress; the amount of access to natural light affects the endocrine system.  Each area of space that is within the 15 feet of your employees, affects another system in their bodies.

Studies have indicated that “healthcare costs per employee are expected to rise to $25K by 2025.”  Because every company is impacted by rising healthcare costs, effective office design has a huge impact on your bottom line.  Furthermore, 90% of most people spend their time indoors, most of which is spent at their jobs. Considering these statistics and the need for improved employee wellness, the Haworth research team studied the new discipline of applying behavioral economics to workspace design called the Workspace Nudge™.

What is the Workspace Nudge™?

This new discipline takes into account every single factor that affects the health and well-being of your employees.  A Workspace Nudge encourages and prompts employees to move, focus and connect and the outcome is that behaviors begin to change which ultimately improves the health of your employees, decreases sick days and creates a more positive work environment.  Over the years, lots of money has been invested in wellness programs, the good thing about a Workspace Nudge™ is that it is impactful without a lot of cost.

Check out the article here for ways that Haworth suggests that you can nudge your employees into healthier behaviors with design.

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