Does Your Workspace Reflect Your Culture?

Does Your Workspace Reflect Your Culture?

Does your workspace reflect your culture? In the modern day world, it’s a question you as a business owner need to be asking. Your workplace design makes a world of difference, not just in function and comfort, but more importantly in employee morale and productivity. A healthy workplace culture that encourages collaboration and innovation improves employee engagement, and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

According to this white paper from Haworth®, research conducted as recently as 2014 found that companies with low employee engagement suffered from a significant decrease…as much as 32 percent…in operating income. Employee motivation is directly affected by company culture, including its values, assumptions and artifacts.

Needless to say, workplace design is an essential element of company culture; it make sense to design work spaces that encourage employees to work and collaborate effectively.

In addition, there is no one size fits all design for the workplace. Recently the faculty at the University of Michigan created a “values framework” that distinguishes four types of cultures in an organization: compete, collaborate, control and create. Each type of culture requires a distinctive workspace design; for example, a “compete” culture might require structured, symmetrical layouts, while a “create” culture is better suited with an organic layout and a flexible environment.

So, does your workspace reflect your culture? Try taking this 30-second quiz developed by Haworth® to get an idea of how your workplace encourages your productivity.

If you find that your workplace needs a change in design to either support or change your organizational culture, reach out to the experts at Bellia Office Design to see how we can help…or click here to request a free work and space evaluation. We can help you redesign your office to reflect your company culture, improve productivity and morale, and positively impact your bottom line.

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